Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Italy {2014}

If you need me come 2014. I'll be chillin' in Italy.

I am so excited! I need to do as much research as I can about places to go and things to do. So if you've been there and there's something that I ABSOLUTELY need to do and see let me know!


Life lately {via Insta}

In no particular order!

The boys cooked us breakfast!! The beginning of the Summer was sooo dang fun! Late nights, early morning, laughing til all hours of the night, slurpee runs.

These are the only photos I have from July 1st. Of course I spent the weekend in Waterton! On the way home- the sister and I stopped off at the Temple. I miss getting to go to the Cardston Temple now that the Calgary one is completed.

Calgary Stampede. I spent the day with friends at the Rodeo, Chuckwagons and the Grandstand show. Calgary sure does know how to do the greatest outdoor show on Earth!

The most chill weekend of the Summer was spent chillin' in a BMW convertible, playing at the lake, enjoying some Brettski time!

Just Carrie and I being.... Carrie and I.
We made a HUGE mess of and got kicked out the childrens section...


I just realized that I NEVER take photos. I am so sad.


Vegas April/May 2013

I'm gearing up to head down to Vegas {Again} so I thought I should upload my trip from 4 months ago!

I love this sight! Ready to touch down in Las Vegas!


I spent EVERYDAY from 9-6 out at this pool and it was absolutely NOTHING short of amazing. It's also the only tan I've gotten this summer.

Dear Canada,
It is allowed to be hot during July and August. Summer is only 2 months long as it is- please don't be cold.

Love: Lachele

I love these fountains.

One night Holly and I went shopping, while I was in the change room I couldn't get my shirt off. Turns out tanning 9-6 for 5 days straight causes 3rd degree burns. I've never burnt this bad in my life!! *Ouch*

You guys! My favourite place to eat in Vegas is in the Excaliber. Dicks. haha! I think I just love it cause I'm so crude. Ooops. I have a weird sense of humor!

After day 1- I even used sun screen... I am so burnt that I was swollen. That's never happened before!

Every night before bed I would take a cold shower and then sleep naked on top of the covers. It was the only way I wouldn't wake up in pain. Holly and Jac ended up sharing a bed as a result.. bahaha! sometimes ya gotta go what ya gotta do!

I was so burnt and swollen I couldn't try on clothes! So I bought myself some Kate Spade

Ummm, our last day there we met 30 boys from London England. They sure know how to party!! it was such a good time!

They took us to the hard rock

I couldn't imagine a better time in Vegas, with two better girls!!

Pool day <3

waiting to go through customs on our way home I met Pauly D. I also got an insta-comment from his tool of a body gaurd. #GTL

I was so sad to come back to Canada but I'll be back there for Kaits bachelorette party in two weeks. I just love me some Vegas.

This was just the vacation that I needed after a stressful, and busy winter! It was also the trip I rewarded myself with for going a consecative 365 days without a broken bone!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Motivate Me Monday

I've spent too much of my life not thinking I was enough. As a result- I have not lived up to my potential. This week I am going to focus on the things I bring to the table, as a daughter sister, cousin, Aunt, and friend- and not the things in which I lack.

This week I am going to celebrate the good things about being a woman, about being me

I am enough.
You are enough.

What are you going to do this week, to be a little better than last week?

Monday, April 1, 2013

365 days. One Year. 8760 hours. 12 months

Folks. Today is a joyous day! A cause for celebration.

It has been a full 365 days since the last time I broke a bone.
This may not mean anything to most people. But. to me. This is a milestone I never thought that I'd ever reach! haha!

It's been the first consecutive 365 days without injuring myself in over EIGHT years. Yes, I repeat. EIGHT years.

Broken legs, broken foot, broken knee, arms, wrists, ankles(different from broken leg, and foot) *this doesn't count highschool*

I knew this day was coming up for some time. And, I was more excited about this day- than my actual birthday this year <--- ladies and gents that is a whole lotta excitment!

How do I plan on celebrating you ask?!? By attending back to back spin classes and nailing a killer upper body work out.


Because I C.A.N

I am so grateful for the human body, it's ability to rebuild itself- time.and.time.and.time.AND.time again!

Take some time today- to be grateful for a functioning body!

How many bones have you broken?

Motivate Me Monday

This series is to help me motivate myself- in helping myself, I am hoping to be able to help those around me.

I hold onto things. I was pretty chubby in elementary school. A new boy moved down the street and started making fun of me. 20 years later. I still remember that. I've never told anyone this. Along with letting it out, I'm letting it go.

If you're holding onto something- let it out, and let it go.

Let it go.

What are you going to do this week to become a little better?

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I've spent the last two months trying to wrap my head around the changes in my life. Some changes that I have set into motion myself- along, with changes that are out of my control.

I am merely a bystander in my own life. When did this happen?

Life is hard. Being Single is hard. Dating is hard. Being an adult is H.A.R.D.

Never in my life have I been more lost. I feel less in control of my life at 27 than I did at 17. How is that possible? I have so many more years of life experience under my belt. I should have this down to a science.

Life throws you curve balls when you least expect them. <--- I don't even like baseball.

3 is an unlucky number for me. It had crossed my mind a time or two that this year would be less than pleasant. But, never did I expect to be stretched this much. I'm not superstitious but the odd years have proved to be less than ideal for me.

2013 you sure have proved me right.

You are kicking my TRASH. I'm waiting for that sympathy bone to be thrown. Any time now. . . .

March was a month of harsh realities for me. Realities that I have been avoiding.

It all boils down to:: I respect myself. I amlearning to love myself. I am pulling myself out of this funk I'm in. One principle at a time.

Each of us inherently have qualities to change the world. To do good. We live FAR below our capacity. Our potential is great if we will just believe.

I want to see the good in people again. I want to trust them without making them work for it first. I want to give the benefit of the doubt. I want to love.

I don't want to be jaded. anymore.