Monday, April 1, 2013

365 days. One Year. 8760 hours. 12 months

Folks. Today is a joyous day! A cause for celebration.

It has been a full 365 days since the last time I broke a bone.
This may not mean anything to most people. But. to me. This is a milestone I never thought that I'd ever reach! haha!

It's been the first consecutive 365 days without injuring myself in over EIGHT years. Yes, I repeat. EIGHT years.

Broken legs, broken foot, broken knee, arms, wrists, ankles(different from broken leg, and foot) *this doesn't count highschool*

I knew this day was coming up for some time. And, I was more excited about this day- than my actual birthday this year <--- ladies and gents that is a whole lotta excitment!

How do I plan on celebrating you ask?!? By attending back to back spin classes and nailing a killer upper body work out.


Because I C.A.N

I am so grateful for the human body, it's ability to rebuild itself- time.and.time.and.time.AND.time again!

Take some time today- to be grateful for a functioning body!

How many bones have you broken?

1 comment:

Corine said...

From one stranger to another... Congratulations! Not only for not breaking any bones, but also for finding joy and not taking it for granted!!!
Corine :D