Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vegas April/May 2013

I'm gearing up to head down to Vegas {Again} so I thought I should upload my trip from 4 months ago!

I love this sight! Ready to touch down in Las Vegas!


I spent EVERYDAY from 9-6 out at this pool and it was absolutely NOTHING short of amazing. It's also the only tan I've gotten this summer.

Dear Canada,
It is allowed to be hot during July and August. Summer is only 2 months long as it is- please don't be cold.

Love: Lachele

I love these fountains.

One night Holly and I went shopping, while I was in the change room I couldn't get my shirt off. Turns out tanning 9-6 for 5 days straight causes 3rd degree burns. I've never burnt this bad in my life!! *Ouch*

You guys! My favourite place to eat in Vegas is in the Excaliber. Dicks. haha! I think I just love it cause I'm so crude. Ooops. I have a weird sense of humor!

After day 1- I even used sun screen... I am so burnt that I was swollen. That's never happened before!

Every night before bed I would take a cold shower and then sleep naked on top of the covers. It was the only way I wouldn't wake up in pain. Holly and Jac ended up sharing a bed as a result.. bahaha! sometimes ya gotta go what ya gotta do!

I was so burnt and swollen I couldn't try on clothes! So I bought myself some Kate Spade

Ummm, our last day there we met 30 boys from London England. They sure know how to party!! it was such a good time!

They took us to the hard rock

I couldn't imagine a better time in Vegas, with two better girls!!

Pool day <3

waiting to go through customs on our way home I met Pauly D. I also got an insta-comment from his tool of a body gaurd. #GTL

I was so sad to come back to Canada but I'll be back there for Kaits bachelorette party in two weeks. I just love me some Vegas.

This was just the vacation that I needed after a stressful, and busy winter! It was also the trip I rewarded myself with for going a consecative 365 days without a broken bone!!

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