Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life lately {via Insta}

In no particular order!

The boys cooked us breakfast!! The beginning of the Summer was sooo dang fun! Late nights, early morning, laughing til all hours of the night, slurpee runs.

These are the only photos I have from July 1st. Of course I spent the weekend in Waterton! On the way home- the sister and I stopped off at the Temple. I miss getting to go to the Cardston Temple now that the Calgary one is completed.

Calgary Stampede. I spent the day with friends at the Rodeo, Chuckwagons and the Grandstand show. Calgary sure does know how to do the greatest outdoor show on Earth!

The most chill weekend of the Summer was spent chillin' in a BMW convertible, playing at the lake, enjoying some Brettski time!

Just Carrie and I being.... Carrie and I.
We made a HUGE mess of and got kicked out the childrens section...


I just realized that I NEVER take photos. I am so sad.


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Angie Duce said...

I just have to say you have the most beautiful hair. It always looks perfect, even when you are on a boat. Lucky girl. 😊