Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tiny Miracles

For me it's easy to get caught up in the everyday mundane tasks. Wake up, walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth, brush my hair, drive to work, go to the gym, and come home to make dinner- that we forget to see the small blessings and tiny miracles in our everyday life.

For some walking to the bathroom isn't possible.
Driving will never be an option.
Having a job is something they long for.
Working out is just a dream.

I'm sure that each one of us at some point in our lives has taken something like this for granted. I know at one point I was guilty of that. On more than one occasion I have been physically injured past the point of being able to do any of these tasks for my self with ease. I was so close to the Lord in those hours, begged and pleaded with the Lord to let me be able to have a shower while weight bearing on both legs- How soon after physically we are whole do we forget the eternal principles being taught to us. How I long to be that close to the Lord again.

I've started a 2013 memory jar. My goal everyday was to write one thing down that I could make a 'Memory of 2013'. So far I am 2/8 because I was looking for the big things, things that others would be jealous of- Memories are created in the little things each day that make us happy, they are those thigns that make us want to be better, and want to fulfil the full purpose of our creation. I am fully comitted to making more that one memory everyday for 2013.

I spend a lot of time at the hospital (40+ hours a week) to be exact.
I have the choice to be there. I meet people daily that are brought to this place with heavy burdens placed upon their shoulders, I come in contact with people who've recently lost loved ones, heard devestating and life changing news. And, daily I am brought back to that humble place where I am able to count my many blessings, and thank the Lord for my trials. That they are nothing more than I am able to bear, and they teach me those things to help me progress.

I was lamenting to a friend {Hi Megan} about some recent "stressors" in my life a stressor who shall remain nameless. Ha. and I was complaining about how much stress I was under- during my two minute walk down the hall I saw a man whose whole left side of his face was tumored and disfigured. I saw a woman on the phone and overhead her talking about how she didn't know how she was going to pay her morgage because she's been in the hospital and hasn't been getting paid.

The Lord was offering me a humbling nudge today to count my blessings, and name them one by one.

I pray that as this new year rings in for me, that I will be able to bring my body, soul and mind more into God's alignment and be grateful for him. That I will talk to him when I am happy, sad, angry or hurt.

What would your life be like if today you were only blessed with the things you were thankful for yesterday?

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