Friday, December 28, 2012

Vegas 2012

Right before Christmas Carrie and I went down to Vegas for a few days of fun, sun and relaxation. Let's be honest- who goes to Vegas for relaxation? We went to party!

We had to be at the airport so early in the morning- that we got the bright idea just not to sleep. Why do I always assume that no sleep is better than very little sleep? We were going to head to the airport at like midnight and just hang out cause really- who doesn't want to hang out at the airport for 6 hours before their flight?

Traveling with us is an adventure in and of itself. I highly recommend it. Who wants to come on our next trip with us?

Our shuttle driver Gerry was seriously a gem. He gave us tickets to free shows, told us how to avoid spending a bazillion dollars- and where we could get free money for gambling, where the best buffets are, etc.

We arrived at our hotel. The Quad- which was under a major renovation. While checking in Carrie and I both got super sketched out, and we contemplated switching hotels. I'm sure it was nice back in the day!

Can I just say- never in my entire life have I seen as many gorgeous men in one place in my life than Las Vegas, NV!

After getting checked into our hotel we decided to go exploring. We saw Serendipity and wanted to try their famous frozen hot chocolate. Delish. Definately not worth 13 dollars, but it was good.

One day we were walking down the strip we saw the wax museum. So like smart tourists we paid 25 dollars to go see {fake} celebrities and go through a haunted house!

One of the big things on our to-do list: Cirque de Soileil. We wanted to see the water show so bad but it was on vacation. Most of the shows we wanted to see were on vacation. There were only 2 Cirq shows playing. Mystre' and Zumanity. We avoided Zumanity to say the least! Um- the show was AH-MAZING, we had the best seats! It's coming to Calgary in April, and I'll be sitting front row!

Another must on our list: Was Dicks for lunch. ha. It was seriously the funniest lunch I've ever had in my entire life! Our waitress left us with these hats as a treasure- HA! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Not pictured: we took a tour bus. Rode New York New York roller coaster twice, went to a comedy show, hung out at Marguritaville, shopped, and had so much fun. We can't wait until our next vacation!

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