Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

I started listening to Christmas music Oct 31st <--- I'm really not much of a Halloween person, and it had snowed- so it looked a lot like Christmas. Sue me ;) I had 10 days off prior to Christmas (minus Christmas Eve- there was a little snag in my vacation planning this year.) and was down in Vegas. See previous post for a pg rundown of our shenanigans! Christmas was quiet at our house this year. No one really asked for anything this year- so it was very low key, there was no stress on buying people exactly what they wanted. My Family learned about photo booth, so we had to take some family photos

Here's proof that I actually got dressed on Christmas day. I even did my hair! Merry Christmas


Dec 26th I went to see Les Mis with two of my good friends that I don't get to see enough! Um, that show was phenom! I wouldn't recommend going to the late show, because the singing and the tiredness become a little too much to handle! It was the first time that I'd ever seen it, so it was a little hard to follow. I enjoyed it- and I didn't even cry. I only teared up!

Dec 27th was the annual Christmas Classic Alumni basketball tourney. It was so fun to see old highschool friends that I normally wouldn't see when I came home and to watch some "fun" basketball. In Taber it's never just for fun.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas with those they love the most. May you always remember the Reason for the Season, which is our Saviour Jesus Christ!

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