Wednesday, May 16, 2012

oh. Hey...

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Just having so much fun right now. It's finally been nice out.

I've been:
-Having bon fires and bbq's with friends.
-Playing with my friends who are home for the summer.
-Going on nature walks
-Going to listen to bands
-Exploring Calgary on my bike (it's been SO nice lately) 20k Saturday anyone?
-Drinking too many slurpees
-Studying(so not even fun)
-SPINNING(cause my boot is off)
-Wearing heels(don't tell anyone I'm suppose to be waiting another 2 weeks)
-Hanging out with my bestie, and her mini. (I love that little babe, she's so gorgeous) -Having girls nights.
-We just got cable. I've been watching too much KKWTK(Kardashians) Khloe & Lamar and The Real Housewives (Vancouver. Really?) I'm a reality TV lover.
-Watching the Bachelorette.

Disclaimer: Here english) my two cents on the bachelor/ette. I LOVE Emily Maynard. She is gorgeous. I think this season is going to be super insane. My faves so far in no particular order:: Doug, Charlie and Arie. Jef(with one F) seriously?!? can't we have any normals representing the Mormon State? golly. I'm slightly mad/disappointed and grumpy that Bentley didn't come back! Kallon. Really? He had to be the one coming out of the heli. Rude. Chris Harrison is getting a divorce.. Ironic? hmmm. Here are some pictures of my latest activities.

P.S Anyone else hate the new blogger layout? I seriously despise it!


The Students Wife said...

Cute blog:) i'm glad you found mine, you have a new follower!


Anonymous said...

i hate the blogger layout. it drives me crazy.

p.s. your hair is gorgeous.

Leslie said...

love it - love the blog title! You ARE awesome!

laura said...

you have a fun blog! look forward to seeing more. ps-isn't spinning insane? love, but hate it. xo, your newest follower.