Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am so ready to be done with this broken foot business. I was done a long time ago.

I feel like I've taken a little blog hiatus. Honestly, I've blogged tons and just haven't posted any of them. I kind of took a little break from reality. Cozied up in my bed with netflix and some strawberries and kiwi and have had myself a little regroup sesh. (Oh ya, and totally studying. Why I decided to re write the ACT 8 years after graduating highschool is beyond me. But. I need the BEST possible chance of getting into my program.)Do I really think I can do much better?

P.S When did I learn about CoOrdinating Geometry and Intermidate Geo? I seriously remember none of this. Thank you Youtube.

I've been working on some fun little crafting projects. Can't wait to show em' off. Gotta find something else to fill my time up.

I can do one legged REAL pushups. Who knew?

I don't care what anyone says. Girl dates are the best. I love being able to talk about boys, hair, make up. Sometimes it's so fun to forget about life, work and responsiblity. Last night was just what I needed. Thanks Angie!

Hullllo Summer! Rooms and I had our first BBQ of the summer. This weather(minus today) has been nothing short of just what I've needed to kickstart myself again. Looking forward to so many more BBQ's, bon fires, camping, and the smell of fires. I've got a good feeling about this summer. Bring on Summer 2012 and all the memories.

I spent countless hours trying to become a runner (thru a few minor setbacks) decided it wasn't worth it. And. Now. Have decided I want to become a runner again. Oh the mind of a woman. It's my perogative to change my mind without notice.

I have realized I am the BEST matchmaker. Now if only I could matchmake myself. Life would be blissful.

Being friends with guys is tricky. Ugh. I hate tricks. Friends off on time out. For now? For Good?

Sometimes I would really just like a clear cut answer when I pray. This whole "do what you think is right and if it's wrong I'll stop you" business is getting old. I'm tried of constantly feel like I am making the wrong life choices. Can something PLEASE just work out? Please?

Dear Fear: Feel free to get the heck out of my life. I am tired of constantly second guessing my decsions and feeling inadequate in my life.

Life is too short to: live paycheck to paycheck, do something you don't LOVE, sit back and wait for tomorrow. I've recently discovered that my money is to be for having fun, and not for sitting in my bank account. Needless to say I've been having alot of fun lately. Sorry bank account. I'll work on restocking you. ugh. <--- that's not the fun part.

Hard work really does pay off. Don't just expect things to be handed to you. *slowly but surely learning this*

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