Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Utah was amazing}

Well. That 10 day went by WAY faster than I would have liked.

I got to spend a lot of time with special friends. I got to eat at a lot of yummy new places. Sleep in. Go to bed REALLY late. Watch scary movies in the back of trucks up in the Canyon {then getting caught by the park ranger at 1am} whoopsies. Who knew it closes at 11. Not the international kid in the truck. met new friends. went to my first MMA fight {love it} .went to a Jazz game. went to the Temple. shopped til my little hearts desire. enjoyed 80 degree weather. then didn't enjoy 45 degree weather the next day. got to see Chase. <---- best night ever. I heart that boy! played with Devin every single night. <--- heart that boy too. ate way too much food. cafe rio, in n out, panda. <--- each of those more than once. Oopsies. made Devin watch Footloose. {I secretly think he loved it} Trained with MMA fighters. Made snow cones. made dinners. enjoyed the amazing weather. C8 date night to the nicklecade. got locked in a room for 45 minutes. broke my foot

We left at 2pm Thursday afternoon. After stopping in Lethbridge to see Carries family, then wandered off to Taber to see mine we were on our way. We had such a good trip. It didn't seem as long this time {the way back was another story}

I seriously didn't want to come home.

Here are some pictures of my trip.

off to the jazz game.

we snuck in to watch them warm up. Then got caught by security and promptly left.

meet Susan, our super sweet mascot. She enjoyed the game

Wine in a juice box? I can think of some people who would like that.

I love this woman! Rianne is the greatest.. Her and Coaches daughter at the fights.

the MMA ring where we cheered on Riannes teammates

watching 90210 while Devin wrote a paper {and secretly watched it too} he says he doesn't love it. but I know he does.

this is the lock, that locked me in a room for 45 minutes. I thought I was going to die in there. Good thing I got out.

Devin cooking for me. Tender right?

new extensions. like?

We love In n' Out

I love the Temple

Amazing Conference Centre


love these guys

My favourite picture of the WHOLE trip.. Nap time with the bestie! We both accidentally fell asleep during conference. oopsies

Well. That was my trip. I didn't get pictures of EVERYTHING, and I have way more pics to post. But I won't, because a lot of them are redundant



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jacie @ http://jacieland.blogspot.com/ said...

love those extentions. this whole post is awesome... AND the name of your blog cracks.me.up! :)