Friday, April 6, 2012

BMD {Bone Mineral Density} Test

So after this most recent broken bone. Doctors are a little curious as to why I keep having {Avulsions}. An Avulsion is when a tendon or ligament is ripped off your bone during trauma, taking off pieces of bone with the tendon or ligament. Kind of like my bones are flaking off. Gross right?

Your bones are suppose to be strong enough to withstand this type of thing, however when I blew my knee out I had two avulsions, and now this this ankle fracture I've had another avulsion. So, my Ortho Surgeon is a little concerned that at 26 I've had this happen so many times. He wants to send me for a Bone Density Test, to test my bones to see how strong they are. Most people gain all of their bone density by the time they are 20. So no matter what this test says, there is no way for me to gain more. The only thing I'll be able to to help my body sustain the density that I have in hopes on not losing it too rapidly. Osteoporosis is very common in women. Usually older women.

Sounds easy enough right? Well. I am lactose Intolerant, so I don't drink milk. I have Calcium pills that I take when I remember to take them {which isn't very often} There are a lot of lactose free options these days. However, I have grown up for the better part of my teen/20 years not drinking milk so I completely just bypass that section. Drinking straight milk kind of grosses me out. <--- Don't ask me why. Just does.

Looks like I am going to have to choke it down, or leave myself little notes to remind me to take my calcium pills.

On a sidenote. I have been getting all sorts of funny comments from people. Everyone has been asking me how I am doing. Honestly. This is like riding a bike. I'm not sure if I should be proud of the fact that this time around is easy, or if I should just laugh. Soak it all in. And keep on keeping on. There is really nothing I can do about the situation..other than ride it out. Do what I need to do it get better, and start again where I left off. Hoping that all my plans for this summer won't be going out the window again because I won't physically be capable of doing what I want to do. I am fully planning on diving this summer, I plan on going hiking, swimming and playing with the rest of my friends this summer. I am sleeping well, I am not needing any of my medication, I am already in my walking boot. I am doing well.

Lets hope I can keep up this positive mentality for the next 5 weeks. I am sure frustration will kick in soon enough and this blog post will seem annoying <--- cause honestly. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and be grumpy about things like this. I think everyone deserves a 'grieving period' It's healthy to have a different range of emotions when something like this happens.

Since my Mexico trip has been cancelled (but my vacation time has not) I need some fun, cheap things to do around Calgary for a week. I fully plan on hitting up the gym (a little crazy? yes! But, there are still things that I can do) I will also get around to finally posting my Utah pictures on Facebook and some on the blog. Plus. I also have time to fix my blog, and make it look a little more grown up. A little more sophisticated.




s.a Sadler said...

Milk is not the only way to he calcium, and it's def not the best way either... Eat lots of greens and beans! No more injuries woman!!

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