Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sicky mcsickerson.

I have a sinus infection. I've been sick for the last weekish. Finally today I just couldn't handle it anymore. I left work early. Sat in a doctors office (you know I am sick when I am willing to do that) I left with some nasal junk. some antibiotics and stopped for some soup.

Now I am sitting here from the comfort of my own bed. Blogging, and watching some netflix while waiting for my nyquil to kick in so I can get a decent sleep tonight. I need to kick this cold pronto, because in 7 days I will be headed to the States. Carrie and I bought our Tickets to the Jazz vs Nuggets game for next friday night, so we're pretty excited about that. And. I fully plan on taking a half empty suitcase for all my purchases. Oooo there's nothing like a good little American shopping trip to make me happy. TJ Maxx, Ross, Target, Nordstrom. Love. Love. Love.

Here's a question for you. Neither Carrie nor I have a love of Jazz or Nuggets ball. We both are 76er's fans. So naturally we have their jerseys. So now. We are faced with one of two options. 1. Buying new jerseys for Jazz or Nuggets. or 2. wearing our 76er's jerseys. <--- I've always secretly made fun of the ghetto's who wore random jerseys to games. So what to do? I'm leaning more towards option 1.

Can this medication please kick in. Can it please be next Thursday at 4:30 so we can leave to Utah. Can it please NEVER be Apr 2nd, cause I don't want to come home. Can it please stay warm. I'm loving this weather. Can I please please get a good nights sleep tonight. I could really use that tonight.


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