Monday, March 5, 2012

Mama Bear.

I have this little problem called the "mama bear" syndrome.

It's where I know{think} I am always right. So any advice that I give. People need to take.

Either it's just how I think things should go. Or. I have 'been there done that' and want people to learn from my mistakes. How many of you have people like that in your life. Annoying right? Yah. I am annoyed that I suffer from this syndrome too. However, 9/10 I am right. It's a pretty decent track record tho.

I find myself trying to help way too many people, and forgetting a lot about myself. It's amazing how messed up I feel my life is. How far off course and the straight and narrow it is, because I spend my time worried too much about what others are doing. There are people in my life, in my family that I worry about. I worry about the path that their choosing, about the way other people treat them.

Really. I need to start worrying about the path that I am on. About the way other people are treating me. The way I am treating other people. I need to be more Christ like. I need to be more accepting of the fact that people are going to make choices that don't really align with what I would do, or what I know THEY know they should be doing, but I can't make them do anything they don't really want to do. I would be putting myself.

When I was little I was REALLY bossy. I mean I would boss around my stuffed animals so it's not surprise to me or anyone who knows me that I am like this. I guess I just want whats best for everyone, with minimal amonuts of pain, and suffering.

Remember this character. I use to be compared to her.


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