Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Remember all those posts from this time last year? I had just had knee surgery. Remember how I was soooo hung ho on getting back in the gym, becoming a runner again. Remember how I kicked my butt in the gym the minute that I came back and got somewhere.....

.....It became summer. And. We all know motivation to work out in a gym during the summer goes out the window. I got back on the bandwagon in time for my trip to my besties wedding in Utah in September. Fell off the band wagon after I got back, because I ate SO horribly while I was there.. Got back on just in time to get into a car accident in November that jacked my neck and my back up. And. Ever since then I've been so back and forth. I'm half motivated, and half not in it at all.

Does anyone else sense a pattern with me? Well. Thru previous posts we've realized that I am done with the dream of becoming a runner {for now} I am not going to try and force something that is painful. I've taken a love {understatement} to spinning. I've recently found Kangoo {see posts below} <--- I just got a 10 punch pass to kangoo classes. I am finally back on the band wagon. Doing things that I enjoy. Things that don't hurt. I've started lifting again. I haven't been happier.

However. I am leaving for Utah in 7 days,and I feel like anytime I go on vacation I fall off the work out train HARD. So I am preparing myself. I've already found a Gold's right down the street from where I will be staying. I've got all the spin classes I need. I've got a list of travel friendly foods I can take with me. I plan on making most of my food at the place I am staying as opposed to eating out.

Sidenote:: I still have a bunch of training sessions with my trainer from last year. We are meeting as soon as I get back from Utah and I'll start training with him regularly again. I am meeting with a nutritionist when I get back too.

Here's to staying motivated, and planning ahead so I don't fall off the band wagon again {p.s how many times did I say band wagon in this post? so annoying} oops. I am learning from the past. Let's hope it finally works.

how do ya'll stay motivated?


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Satterlees said...

I stay motivated by working out in a sports bra. I do my workouts in front of the tv so I can see my body in the reflection and it looks better than it is for some reason. That's what motivates me:)haha