Monday, March 19, 2012


Why do work days always drag on longer than non work days?

I just want it to be Thursday at 4:30 RIGHT NOW. because. That means I leave for good ol' Utah. I've got some super fun things planned for the next 10 days.

We will be leaving Thursday night after work, and driving to somewhere in Montana. Then Friday we are going to meet up in Pocatello to have lunch with my good friend Nate. I haven't seen him so long. So excited. Plus he plays baseball for the University...and he's got some way hot friends. We get into SLC Friday sometime, and we're going to go straight to Gateway for some shopping. Then I am taking Carrie to the Taco truck on State St. where my roomate tried to sell me to the Mexicans. (rude)


A game with this team:

Against this team:

Should be fun.

I'll be busy going to the color festival. Cafe Rio(x10). MMA Fights. Temple Trips. Movie nights in the Canyon. Dinner with old friends. Lunch with old friends. Laughing hysterically. Celebrating Birthdays. Sleeping in Late. Going to Spin classes everyday. Walking around BYU Campus(only to find Devin.) Ew. BYU. Good thing I like him. Going to ANOTHER Jazz game. General Conference. Bowling. Park City.

I have so much stuff to do this week. I need to find time to pack. Do Laundry. Clean my room(who likes coming home to a dirty room). Get Canadian treats for my lovlies south of the border.

Then. I'll be home for approx. 8 days. Then. I leave for a little Sun.Rest.Relaxation.

I'm going to:

Puerto Vallarta MEXICO!

I am so excited. Sometimes when the price is right. You just gotta book a last minute vacation. The bestie and I will be headed to Mexico for 7 days of laying on the beach, doing Yoga next to the ocean, eating amazing mexican food. Diving the warm waters. Kayaking. Ahhh. I can hardly wait.

Can it please be Thursday at 4:30.

What are you looking forward to?


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Anonymous said...

the new mall opens in SLC on the 22nd - city creek.
check it out