Saturday, March 3, 2012


Urban Dictionary says::

Not good, not bad, but a negative term nonetheless. Often used to describe something that is average, but was expected to be much better.

Is it better to be semi good at a lot of things. Or really good at just a few things?

Which is the lesser of two evils. When I was younger I strived to be good at everything that I did. So I never spent much focus on being "really" good at something. I thought I was well rounded. I guess I was. I just needed to be better than the last half of the group. I couldn't come in last.

Last night I went up to Edmonton with a friend to watch the bestie in the ACAC semi finals. Bestie got player of the game. P.S She is amazing. I love watching her play. A little jealous. Ok. Way jealous. She is way better than I ever was.

I highly doubt I would ever have been good enough to play in college. Why? Because I didn't strive to be the best. I squoze by enough to stand out. To be a little better than average.

{A little better than average players don't play in college} <---- who knew?

I have nothing to show for 15+ plus hours a week of basketball, conditioning, watching tape. Because I never spent additional time in the gym trying to be a little better. I was content with what I was doing. I'm slightly embarrassed. Oops. Last night while watching MRU beat SAIT by 1 point I was reminded I when I played ball. I wondered if I would have tried a little harder if I could have been good enough to play college ball. **Guess that's going to be one of my lifes regrets right**

Then. I started to think about all the other things I was mediocre with. The list started to get really long.

-Highschool grades {college} I never use to have to try very hard. However, if I would have tried harder I'd have obviously done better.
-The whole basketball business.
-Work. I am definitely not living up to my potential. I am comfortable where I am.
-My knee rehab. I know I could be leaps and bounds past what I am right now. I am surpassing the protocol. But I am not living up to my potential.
-My spiritualness... I read my scriptures just enough to get by. I don't dive into them the way that I should have.

This was definitely a wake up call. I am done with being mediocre. Wouldn't life be great if you were allowed one do over? Mine would have taken me back to grade 11. I'd have tried harder in school, and sports. And I would have stayed in Canada for college. Probably Calgary or Edmonton.

Just a prediction. But from here on out. I am not going to settle for mediocry in my life anymore.


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