Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I just have so much going on in my brain right now. I guess I need an outlet. Since this is my blog. I can be as outrageous as I want, and no one will laugh at my face anyways..

-I worked my butt off to build up my endurance, and my strength when it came to weight training. This has been my first full week back since my car accident. And. I am disappointed to say the least. Super disappointed. I am so weak. Here's to the next few weeks of things back to where they were. Good thing it's easier to get it back than it is to develop it. I think. That's what I am telling myself right now.

- My darker hair is finally starting to grow on me. However. I am going blonde before this month is thru. I miss being blonde.

-My hair is finally getting long again. Now if I can only grow the layers out. Ugh. Someone talk me out of that next time. please. Thanks.

-The Lord works in mysterious ways. Holy cow. The sadness, and heartache over the last 6 months have been for my good. Who knew? I hate it when he's right!

- My roommate is in Hawaii right now, and that mixed with my no social life has made for one hermit of a little lady. oops.

- I love tanning. Tanning is a great way for me to take a 20 minute nap, Plus, who doesn't love a nice little tan. Who cares if I live in Canada and no one is tanned right now. I am.

- I love my jeep. However. Cloth seats. Never AGAIN will I buy a vehicle with cloth seats. They're the worst!

- Things have been really emotionally draining right now. One minute I'm up. The next minute I'm not up. and it's just a crazy roller coaster in between. Being a girl isn't fun at all.

- I am freakin 26. I'm still not impressed about that.

-I am never going to be under 25 again. Ugh.

- This next month can't come soon enough. Vacation here I come. Utah, Vegas. So.Cal. Auh-maz-ing.

-I am looking for a change in my life. Any suggestions will be grately accepted!

- I am really trying to eat healthy. I am learning about food. What food to eat when, etc. You'd be interested in the things that I'm learning.

-I would like to meet a cute boy. However, that is virtually not going to happen when I blog from my bed at 8:30 on a wednesday night. oops. Who wants to play matchmaker? haha <---- oyi

- I am trying not to live my life on the sidelines. However, right now it's totally not working. Hence, the whole blogging from my bed while everyone else is out having fun.

- Sometimes it's alright to take a time out and have a little pity party. I'm usually the rock. When a friend of mine is having a bad day I am there for them. But the minute I am having a nervous breakdown everyone is suddenly too busy ALSO, another reason for my hermitness. oops.

- Have you ever started writing a blog post, and have been too chicken to post it, yet you keep adding to me. Writing is seriously such a therapy to me.

Well. Pretty sure that's enough for right now. I
I guess that is enough therapy for me right now. I might just go add to my "imtoochickentopostthis' post.


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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, you can totally ramble girl, because it is your blog. i am right there with you with layers. why do they take so long to grow?!
xo TJ