Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Dear Lent}

Dear Lent,

I fully realize that this is absolutely absurd that I am choosing to give something up for Lent. For one. I am not Catholic.
For two. I have ZERO self control.

This shall be fun.

So I have decided that I am going to give up sugar (natural and artificial). No fruit? Nope. No Chocolate? Heck No.
I feel like everyone and their dog is giving up junk food for the next 40 days. So why not jump on the bad wagon with them right? If you can't beat em' join em'.

So here is to the next 40 days. Here is to my sanity. Here is to my sweet tooth. And. Here is to my waistline potentially going down a size or two {cross fingers}

Sincerely Happy(for now)

Lachele Daisy Louise Wickens.


Is anyone giving anything else up for Lent? I'm curious as to what people are going to give up.


Courtney B said...

You are amazzzzzing! I have 0 self control when it comes to sugar and I'm just not willing to give that up right now! :)
Good luck, girl!

Heather said...

Oh yeah, I totally gave up sugar for Lent. I even started a bit early!

Okay so not actually but I did give up sugar and I actually had planned to have my first "cheat day" around Easter time so this works! I'm in.