Thursday, February 9, 2012


This is two weeks overdue. Better late than never


So far this birthweek has gotten off to a great start. Sunday we had a little dinner for the bestie(we share a birthweek). Couldn't imagine sharing a birthweek with anyone else. Birthday dinner, Birthday Ice cream cake. Presents(for Carrie. Duh, it wouldn't be okay for me to get presents on her birthday)

Monday we celebrated Carrie's actual birthday. Happy Birthday lady. Here's just a little shout out to the bestie with breasties. I legit would not have been able to get thru this summer/fall/winter without her. She has made me laugh so hard I cry, and made my crying stop because she makes me laugh. She's amazing. her.

Tuesday I got to go on my annual birthday dinner date with Trish. Every year on our birthweeks we take each other to our favorite restraunt. Olive Garden. Oh.Em.Gee. Amazing. Tuesday did not disappoint. I've been feeling carb drunk all day. Later that night, Carrie and I watched the biggest loser while eating cream soda slurpees, big gulp(diet coke.duh) and livewires.

Wednesday. Yoga with 2 of my favorite girls. I've known both of them for a long time, and I love both of them so much. For the past few years they've gone out of their way on my birthweek to humor me and make it extra special. I them. Whoever is willing to celebrate my birthweek with me, is alright in my books. and these ladies are amazingly alright!

Thursday. The bestie got pink eye(don't worry not contigous) and she treated me a to a little movie and spoon me. AUH-mazing.

Friday. I went to watch some college basketball. Anyone who knows me, knows I miss the sport, and I love watching. Nothing better than cheerin' on my Cougs. A little pre-bday bday party after at Jay's house to celebrate a few birthdays. I love my birthweek. Seriously. I get spoiled so so so much.

Saturday. I was treated to lunch and a pedi, AFTER, I woke up @ 7:30 on my day off to give blood, and hit the gym for a hardcore sesh.<----see told ya I am getting absolutely spoiled beyond anything I deserve.

Sunday. Full of text messages, phone calls, facebook comments and birthday wishes from friends from all over the world, I was super bummed my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, but I couldn't have loved it better. After going to church(where a good portion of my friends happen to be.obvi.) I recieved my own little birthday party completely with mexican food, some cake and all my friends around to celebrate my birthday. Love you guys!

I may or may not have cried 3 times that week about turning 26. So far this *year* has been off to a rough start. But, at least it can only go up from here



Tamara Nalder said...

Happy Birthday! I miss y'all!!

Lachele said...

Ahhhh Tam! I miss you too lady! hope you're loving Tennesse

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it's a FANTASTIC year! Just ran across your blog. New reader!

MariaSelf said...

Happy Birthday! Please don't cry about another year - be happy that you got another year to make it an INCREDIBLE one!

Twigs and a Pearl said...

you just posted on my blog- but I don't know if you would ever see my response to it!! I totally think that I expect so much from others because that's what I would do for them! You put that perfectly!!! I hope that quote helps and let's do better at not expecting so much from others!!!!
love ya!