Monday, January 16, 2012

Love Advice:: via a 7 year old {again}

So I am thinking about making the niece a feature on my blog. She is just too funny, and the relationship advice she has given me over the last week has been absolutely hysterical.

I'm with her again Sun-Wed {can you say buh-bye social life} arg. The extra moola will definately be an added bonus on my upcoming trip to Utah to see the besties coming up.

::anyways:: This week we again were talking about boys. and. She decided to give me this little gem.

"Auntie Lachele, when something happens good or bad. Who is the first person that you want to tell? Whoever he is, is probably the one you like more"

.Right. Right. Yup.

However, what if all 3 of the questions that she asked me over the last week all have 3 different boys names associated with it? Guess Auntie Lachele has some issues she needs to work out.

If you recall. Last week her relationship advice was
Advice #1:: Whichever boy you miss when he doesn't talk to you is the boy you like most.

Advice # 2:: We don't want boys that don't want us to play with our other friends. They don't want us to be happy.


What life altering question would you like answered by the 7 year old genuis. Pretty sure I'm going to her for all my advice these days.

Bundle up warm. This week is going to be chilly.



BF said...

Kids are fun, and quite funny. They seriously have all the answers!

Courtney B said...

Cutest little girl ever! I love how everything is so black and white, so matter of fact, and so honest and innocent for kids!
Yay for Utah! (By the way... how was I not following you before? Crappy! But I fixed the problem.)
Ok... not that it's been forever (because I'm a slacker) I'm answering your question about becoming a spin instructor. First off... DO IT! Second, I'm thinking it cost $300. Give or take a few bucks.
Third, I did it in Northern Utah but I seriously considered going to Cali to make a vacation out of it! It's an all day Saturday event. 8 or 9 hour long class. Then you study the book and 6 months after the class you take the test online (which is incredibly lame that they make you wait so long) It's so worth it, though. I really hope you do it!