Friday, January 13, 2012

It's a good thing I'm a ninja.

I don't do well with scary shows. So why do I watch them? Umm.. cause it seems like a dang good idea at the time.

last night I let Kait's dog out, went to brush my teeth before bed. I went back to let her in and the dish washer was magically on. AHHH. The door was locked. No one got in...did they.

grab the dog, run to the bedroom climb into bed jump under the covers....

just sleeping....minding my own business....
3:30 am

"Auntie Lachele.... I think someone is in our house... can I sleep with you."

yup. climb into bed.... *wait. what. Someone is in our house*..

"yes, I heard someone walking down the stairs."

FML. did I lock the back door. YES. Did I lock the garage door to the landing. uhh. IDK. frig.

"can you go check"

umm... no do you want me to die.
go to sleep baby.

........time passes........

"auntie lachele.. I seriously hear someone."

*not going to lie. I am freaked out at this point.*
I start singing "I love to see the Temple"....

....we fall asleep....

I dream about someone breaking into our house... and we pretend to play house with the breaker inner so he doesn't kill us.. I secretly call the cops...they take forever to come.... just as they get to the door my alarm goes off...

I wake Ruthie up... she's stretching...
K, baby go get dressed, brush your teeth...

"Auntie Lachele... did you check to see if anyone was out in the living room.?"

yup {nope.} I am the aunt that sends her niece out there first.

Good News.. She saw a tree in the living room, she heard trees banging outside, and all the doors were locked.

It's a dang good thing her Aunt is a Ninja. {not}

Good thing I remembered some childrens songs. And. P.S how does a 7 year old take up more space in a king size bed than an adult? I'll never know.


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