Friday, January 13, 2012

The things I learn from a 7 year old:: Relationship advice and period talk

So I have the opportunity once a month to play mama to a 7 year old niece of mine for 5 whole days. So her and I get alot of time to chat. She taught me alot this last week. She's absolutely hilarious.

first off:: She taught me that at 7 years old you have to watch her do homework because when she says she wrote her spelling words 5 times on Monday when she only did it 1.5 times. And subsequently she gets mad at me when I make her add one sentence to each night until she makes up the ones she lied about.

- When you ask her to have a bath and she notices the drawings she did on her legs from when she was with her dad at Christmas still aren't gone and she needs to make up an excuse incase it's not off before her mom gets home, she says that some other kid drew on her {if anyone else is drawing on you in those places thats inappropriate} then she says maybe she has smiley face chicken pox in yellow highlighter thighs. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

- You have to specifically ask her to wash her hair when she has a bath.

- A glass of milk with a chocolate covered granola bar is NOT oatmeal for matter how hard she tries to convince you it is.

Second off:: She gave me the funniest relationship advice monday night. We were chatting about boys {I'll go into my bfriend drama, cause she swore me to secrecy that I wouldn't tell her mom about her break up with Hunter. oops}.

Advice #1:: Whichever boy you miss when he doesn't talk to you is the boy you like most.

Advice # 2:: We don't want boys that don't want us to play with our other friends. They don't want us to be happy.

::seriously:: is she really seven? I don't think so!

She was reaping the benefits of my monthly friend this week. She had mcdonalds for dinner once, ice cream the next and princess soup the next. Wow. I am nutritious. Gross. Sorry Kait. Next week will be better. I wasn't feeling good this week, so I told her that once she got her period it won't be fun. "I know auntie lachele, it's gross...would you mind if we didn't talk about blood coming from there at the dinner table." haha oops.



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