Friday, January 20, 2012


disclaimer:: -- This is NOT about anyone in particular. Just my recent observations. Okay. So maybe it is about certain people{sometimes}. However, if you think it's about you because I called you shady recently. It's not actually you{or all you}. ;) <3

I'm a very passionate person. I have a lot of friends. Not a lot of good friends. You secretly have to pass a test to become a part of the elite "lachele really trusts no one, so this is a privilage to be called bestie" club. for real. So when you BREAK that *gasp* who does that. It's really hard to regain my trust again.

Once you've become a bestie. I kind of expect a little bit from you- I'm not actually needy. Promise. But, the golden rule applies <--- as it should.

Do unto others as you would have done to you. Now, is that asking too much? I bend over backwards for my lovlies. I do. I wake up at 10:45pm while staying 45 minutes outside of the city to pick up two strandeds on the side of the road and drive them into the city, then drive home...subsequently getting home at 12:30 and having to wake up at 5:15. <-- most recent situation. Kind of funny. story to follow. I love my muskateers.

point is. I drop everything for my friends. For happy things, for sad things, for good things, for bad things. So why is it when those things happen to me {some} of my bests are nowhere to be found? I have several experiences with this lately which has caused me to reflect on my current new years resolutions. " don't live my life on the sidelines." My horoscope today told me that I needed to keep eliminating the toxic people in my life(and that this would be the weekend to do so::kind of sad so close to the beginning of my birthday week) But, it must be done.

So here's my question. How many chances to the besties get. I'm talking. Super SUPER close friends. How many times are they allowed to ditch out on you when you really need them before you finally throw in the towel and wash your hands of them. I am really struggling with this right now.

{Advice Please}

Have a lovely weekend lovers. I will be celebrating the Bestie Carries birthday Sunday and Monday.


Mich said...

I've learned that when besties constantly disappoint you, you don't necessarily have to wash your hands of them, sometimes you have to put up boundaries and change your friendship with them. if they aren't going to be there for you when you need them, maybe they shouldn't be the ones you call in times of need.

Amanda Nicole said...

I was best friends with this girl.. we were practically family. Once she got a boyfriend or met a new friend, I didn't exist. I was there for her every time she was cheated on or ditched.. the ONE time I absolutely needed her to be there for me during a really bad time.. she was "busy". We stopped talking and about a year later started hanging out again until she did the same thing. We will randomly talk but we'll never be what we once were and it's still hard to accept. Sometimes you have to step back from those people. Just because you're willing to drop everything for them doesn't mean they'd do the same in return.. and those aren't best friends. Its not your loss.

Amanda Nicole said...

p.s check out my last update :D

JRuud said...

You have the cutest blog!! Keep your chin up.