Friday, December 2, 2011

it happens in 3's

So you know how everyone says bad things happen in 3's.

Well... to me. Everything bad happens in 2's. #killmenow.

In 2006 I was in a very bad(that is an understatement) car accident. Two days before my cousins funeral(bad thing number one) <---- in case you didn't guess. Bad thing #2 was my accident. ugh.

well. Here I am. 6 years later. in.the.same situation. However thankfully situation #1 was not a death. Just really bad news. but. bad thing number 2. Car accident.

right? right. how many accidents can one girl get into? well. I'm 25 and so far it's been two. *please for the love of everything good and holy. I hope that it stops at 2.

Last wed afternoon I had a doctors appt and I was driving there. Pretty typical right? yup. Well my front driver side tire blew out. I lost control of my jeep. Drove UP a barrier (because it's just my luck that I would hit the barrier at the right time to drive up it) and I was on my two driver side wheel(about to flip it) and then all of a sudden landed back down on all four wheels almost into oncoming traffic.


My face hit the steering wheel. I was rocking a pretty hot black eye for the better part of last week. I've got a super attractive black and blue seat belt line from my left shoulder all the way down to my pelvis. My hip is sore, and so is my shoulder.

Thank goodness nothing more serious happened. And. That I was wearing my seatbelt(rarely did I use to wear it) whoops. Now. I always wear it.

Verdict is still out on the damages to my jeep. May. or May not be totaled. #crossyorufingersitsnot. please and thank you. But. The frame is pretty mangled. sad face.

As for right now. I am driving a lime green ford fiesta. Also, known as the green ja-lap-a-no. jalapano. I don't know who in their right mind would own one(personal opinion. sorry. to offend any of you.

I miss my jeep. I miss being able to drive up hills in the winter(yup. slid right down them) oyi. I miss sitting up high. I miss my music. I miss all the stuff that they took when they towed it away.

Sorry I've been MIA lately. all these doctors appt's. massages. and papers I have to fill out are taking up so much of my time-- time that is about to be taken up by a part time job. <---- what was I thinking? ha I don't think I was.

But stay tuned for the adventures and the stories I'll have for you now.



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