Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So other than being bundled up drinking peppermint tea singing Christmas songs here are a few of the things I've been up to.

Lately I've been playing with the boy on the Right. Ladies and Gents. That is Benn(Benji to me) He just got home from his mission and I couldn't be more excited. He is probably the one boy who knows all my issues/drama/and crazy obsessions.

I'm so happy to have him home. We've spent the last few days snuggling while updating each other on the last 17 months of our lives(I got to see him 17 months ago-so that is why I say 17 months and not 24) I don't think I've laughed so hard in the last 17 months.


With this girl. I freakin love Carrie. Last week we had a girls night. It was much needed....actually. We always have girls nights(mainly because alot of the times we're together we look like the above picture, and guys run) Rude right? We're hot.

girls night wouldn't have been complete without a little facemasks, ice cream and a sweet chickflick.

What a wonderful week...until Friday.

I came to work and our deptartment fish died. ha. I hated that thing. Mainly because I always forgot to feed him on my feeding days. Oyivay. Sorry little man. But. I am not the cause of his death. So I feel better. Anyways. A couple of girls and I went to the mall to return Ritchie(free fish within a month of purchase if he dies. so sweet right?) so we replaced him with:

Ritchie II (Rich Jr.) I don't know if I was more excited to get a field trip away from the hospital for an hour or to play with the super cute little puppies at the petstore. p.s <--- I have a bone to pick with petstores and the way they treat those little pups. If I could I'd buy them all. aww. It's making me sad just thinking about them being all crated up. Sad day. One day I will own alot of puppies **Did you hear that Dev.** I will own lots of them ;)

So. Life has been a little crazy lately, and I'm about to become a whole heck of alot busier in the next few weeks.I'm still nannying for my niece and I've recently applied for a part time job at my favorite store EVER. I've made it past round 1 and 2 interviews and I'm just waiting for my placement. I'm slightly excited/way nervous.

Who knew someone who worked with drugs that could kill people on a daily basis would be so scared to work retail? <-- props to the ladies who do it all the time. I know how crazy it must be with all of us rude customers unfolding stuff and throwing it all over the place.

Pretty sure with all this extra cash flow I've got comin' in my wardrobe is about to triple in size and Imma be heading down south alot more. Not that I don't have other more important/cuter reasons to head down there more!

Happy American Thanksgiving to all my Loves south of the border this week. I hope you enjoy your turkey day....and the post turkey day shopping. <-- that may be the biggest thing I miss about not living down there anymore. Black Friday.



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