Wednesday, November 9, 2011

green with envy...

It. Has been. FOREVER and a day since I last blogged. Okay. Maybe longer. But I promise I have a good excuse. I was deathly ill. Like. The worst sickness to ever hit my body. I’ve never in my life been so violently ill. Ill.

My staycation? Turned into a stay-in-bed-for-ten-days-cation. It was the worst. I haven’t even gotten my house fully unpacked. Good news. I am on the mend. I’m not sure when I became so tired and felt the need to take daily naps. - oh wait. I’ve been taking daily naps for months now. I think I’m 95 not 25. I told the Doctor not to be worried about that…yet. We have bigger fish to fry. (ps I hate fish)

Doctors these days. Are Rude. Yep. Rude faces. Jerk wads. A 25 year old girl going to emerg with a 3 day history of vomiting, abdominal pain/cramping and tiredness doesn’t always equal. Pregnant. Especially not in my case. #Thankyouverymuchmrrudedoctorsir. I sure picked a good night to go in. Oct 31st. So clique. Geez. Louise. I was the only one not dressed up. Thanks to my bestie for staying up all night to make sure I was okay during the longest night of my life full of CT scans, blood work, urine samples, xrays and all that good stuff it turned out to be not.that.bad. but the outcome? I need to find a family doctor here for follow up.. Ugh. Stab out my eyes please. No one is accepting new patients.

I think I like being on the healthy “I take care of peoples lives” side of the healthcare system. Because being on the other end is crappy. Literally. Yucky.

When was the last time you had to go to the ER? I’ve been a few times. I was hospitalized in highschool for dehydration. After my trip to Japan I caught some sort of virus, after my car accident(ouch), when I wrecked my knee….when I wrecked my knee again, my knee surgery, and then this. So not thaaaaat many times.

Atleast I’ve never had a cavity.

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