Monday, October 3, 2011

Food for Thought...

So.. Conference was amazing right?


I love the power of personal revelation. Because. We ALL heard the same thing. But we didn't all get the same things out of what was being said. *I just got shivers*

So. I haven't been on my best behavior lately. I haven't been acting the way I normally would. I have been less than classy[so have the other parties tho]. I need to learn to take the high road no matter how hard the climb is.

Lately. I've been questioning my ability to know something is right. And. to actually know what 'peace' feels like. And to recieve an answer to a prayer.

Fact. [Story time}

I'm moving. Again. Ugh. I hate moving. Anyways, I got the BEST feeling ever to move into this house, with these girls. It was like a huge weight was lifted from me. Then. 3 months later I'm moving again? That doesn't sound right. Errr...

I've realized that everything happens for a reason. Nurse and I never would have met unless we randomly moved in together. *sidenote::roomie will be here to known as nurse. For personal reasons* So did I only need to live in this house long enough to build a good relationship with Nurse so something bigger and better could happen later? <--- I sure as heck hope so. But. What did I really learn from all of this?

-That I like being the youngest in the house. Nuff said'
-That I hate small rooms
-That we were all raised differently and so we all expect different things out of a household {and, we need to respect what each person feels the house should represent]
-Big houses scare me late at night.alone.

Anyways. I'm really questioning my character and my ability to know whether or not I should do something.

I guess we'll see if Nurse and I can handle another 3 months of each other.

How was your conference experience, did you seek for reveletory experiences?



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