Friday, September 30, 2011

Holla Amigas

It's that time again.

Time for an update. I need a new computer. Arg.

Random things have happened since I've gotten home from Utah. A lot of things that are <--- after a mini meltdown I've looked for the positive things to come out of this situation and I've been overcome with an amazing sense of peace.

Welp. I feel like I just blogged about moving into my new place. A place I was about to call home for a year. With girls that I thought would be fun to live with.

I'm here to say.... I'm MOVING again. Nurse and I are moving out of the 4 bedroom house into a quaint two bedroom place. I thought I'd be bummed about the move. But to be honest I haven't fully unpacked into this place. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that tells you not to do something. <--- well that's how I've felt about this place. It never really felt like home. So I'm going to pack up the little things I have unpacked and I'll be moving onto bigger and better things. Definately not to any trailer that's for sure.

I've got the redecorating bug. I'm getting rid of all of my bedroom furniture and I'm redoing it. I've recently been looking into pinterset. I hear it's the cool new thing to do <---- judging by how L.A.M.E my blog is, you can probably tell that I don't really do very much online except blog. *I will make this blog cute one day* I've got a lot of Ikea furniture and I'm just moving out of that phase of my life. I want something nice. So over the next few months I'll be taking on project after project...hunting thru thrift stores with Jaylene and Nurse finding mirrors, bedside tables,etc to restore.

I.AM.SO.EXCITED. We're going to make my headboard. I'm going to get all new bedding. Eeeeks. It's like Christmas. I'm going for the antique feel. I'm thinking grey,white and robins egg blue with a little yellow. If you have any advise on websites, etc to help a sista out send em' my way.

Life is good. I've been blessed. I'm so excited to moving out of this awkward house and into a solid place with a good girlfriend.

Oh. And......

I'm getting an Iphone next week. I'm movin' on up in the world. First a new phone, new apt, AND a new bedroom. I feel like I'm growing up :)

Tell me something good that happened to you this week!



P.S-- I sure hope everyone chooses to watch General Conference this weekend. This is one of the two best weekends of the year. Okay. One of the 4 best weekends of the year(my birthday weekend and christmas weekend are right up there with Conference)

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