Friday, October 14, 2011


Here are a few random ramblings from moi:

-I love the cool crisp mornings. I love the warm afternoons. I do NOT love having to carry my jacket down the hill.

-I'm excited for Halloween, and I still don't know what I want to be. Suggestions?

-I'm moving in 14 days. I need to start packing. *ugh I hate the moving clean I have to do. *dreading*

-I have the CRAZIEST craving for Cafe Rio. Dear Utah: I miss you. However, I just found the recipe online.. Too bad I've comitted to eating SUPER clean until Nov 17th. Can anyone guess what I'll be eating once I start allowing myself cheat meals. Who wants to come over for a cafe rio party?

-When you get a prompting to go somewhere or do something. Do it. I haven't been to institute in ages. I felt impressed to go last night. So.Glad.I.Did. Tender Mercy.

-When you play with fire and get have no one to blame but yourself. I got burned hardcore. And. I have no one to complain to.

-"adults" take advantage of 25 year old girls. Especially adults who work at car dealerships and try to tell me I need more work done on my jeep than I actually do. *Thanks dad for teaching me about cars, so I don't get hussled. Dang jerks.

-I would like a new basketball jersey. I would LOVE a new fall/winter wardrobe. *and.once I am debt free I will. Holllllla for financial planning when you're 21 to be debt free by 25. <--- but dang that was hard work. I will probably go buck wild for a few months/ mmm so excited.

-I've been having a hardtime getting motivated to stay in shape. say whhhhhha? Yeah, ugh. I've had to put myself on a s.t.r.i.c.t 'diet' <--- my trainer put me on a strict diet. And. My workouts since I got home from my glorious trip to Utah have been really bad. whoops. I'm so good at motivating myself but if I get off track a little bit my train is derailed. boo.

-Hello goals for being in shape. 1. To become a spin instructor-who wants to take a spin class from a girl huffin' n puffin' Not me. 2. My trip to see my girlie Ash @ ClubMed. Thank you friends for working at sweet places so I can come visit and dive for a week straight. 3. My new wardrobe. 4 *maybe a little bit ready to rub my new found hottness in some face* ha. Cough.Cough

-I can't wait to get a TV. Umm, My parents think I'm lay-Z cause all I do when I go home is catch up on my shows. Keeping up With the Kardashians anyone? I started watching this super sweet new show. Pretty Hurt. It's all about plastic surgery. <--- I'm not opposed. I will get some. Judge all you wish! P.S. AND. One Tree Hill.

-I love Prison Break. I'm almost done. But. I don't really have access to season 4 anymore. Would anyone judge me if I bought it to watch the last 3 discs then took it back?

What's on your mind?



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