Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello from Sunny SLC Utah!

Lovers... I have missed you terribly.

I hate my laptop being broken. I never have any time to blog. Okay I have time. Just not the means to do so at my house.

I am blogging to you from sunny Salt Lake City Utah. I'm down here for my besties wedding. * I have so many picture to up load, and I promise I will do my darndest to do so sometime when I get home. I have taken tons of pictures on my phone, a few on my camera.. but my internet doesn't work on my phone down here. Dang Roaming charges. Rude.

Life is great. I've seen so many old friends. Done so many sessions, in so many beautiful Temples. I've also been able to cross off a couple Temples that I've never been to off my list. It's been a good few days, and I know that the next 4 days are going to be nothing but a huge party.

Some funny things have have happened since being here.

-- My first stop for gas in Greatfalls MT, I stopped at the "loaf n' jug" and proceeded to be hit on by Dog the Bounty hunters brother(not really) but he was a bail bonds man, with a long dark brown mullet, tons of tats' and he was straight up thuggin' -- stay tuned on fb later this week when I get home. I will be posting those pictures.

-- I watched a drug deal in Idaho Falls, then got asked by the 16 year old kid I saw buy drugs for a ride to Pocatello.

-- Got to Logan and made a fool of myself because I was tired.

-- Met a boy at the Temple. Weird. I gave him my number and I haven't heard from him yet. Rude. Juuuuuust kidding.

-- I've eaten In n' Out (sad I did so well without fast food this year.)

-- Seen so many friends already. ( I get to see Eric and Kailey tonight, got to hang out with my bestie whos' wedding I'm down here for.)

-- Went out dancin' with the girls last night.

-- Met the fat blonde dude from Singles Ward at church today. He's in my friends ward. <---- yeah who knew he was still young enough to be in YSA? Not me.

-- I'm headed to Provo soon to play with some friends.

-- Tomorrow I'm hitting up a couple Temples, the Gym, some shopping, and playing with my friends.

-- Tuesday and Wednesday is all wedding business...then I'm headed home at 9pm after the reception. Saddest day ever.

Please excuse the lack of blogging ( I don't exactly have access to my computer at home) and for my lack of pictures on my blog ( computer excuse AND I can't find my computer cord. Thanks mom for letting me borrow your super sweet camera for this trip)

I'll try to do better. I promise.

Miss you lovers!


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