Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Forever and a Day...

It feels like it's been far too long since I've blogged.

My summer got super boring over the last few weeks. I mainly work, go to the gym, and play with my friends. <---- okay so that sounds like a pretty good time to me. Carrie and I have had a lot of fun lately. I've got pictures to prove it. I'd share all the insane things we've done. But. for some reason no one seems to think the things we think are funny, are as funny as we think they are. <-- did that make sense?

I'm not going to play catch up. Just know I've had the best summer, filled with the best people, I've made some the best memories, met one of the most amazing people(s) ever. I'm sad to see it go. But. I am excited for the future. For the endless possibilities to come, and relationships to grow. I've let go of some people. I'm finally ready to move on from last summer. Ouch. I needed to happen.

I've stepped outside my comfort zone a lot this summer. I've become friends with people I never would have thought I would have. I've made some big changes, I'm still making some even bigger changes. I've seen blessings come into my life that wouldn't have come unless I stepped outside the norm. I'm so grateful for my blessings. For my family, and for my friends.

I just got super emotional writing this. And. I'm not exactly sure why. I've been thru a lot lately. I've been pretty grumpy the last few weeks, mingled with some of the happiest times. And. I've finally realized that I needed to snap out of it. I attribute the happy times to some very amazing individuals, and my grumpy times to those same people(but only because they're gone) Rude.

So, I suck at keeping secrets. It's true. Don't tell me anything. Actually. That's not true at all. I'm good at keeping important secrets that aren't bout me. I've recently applied for a job. A job that if I get it, I'll be doing a lot more travelling. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I get weekly emails from a good friend of mine, and at the end of every email he always asks me to tell him something good that happened to me this week.

So. Tell me something good that's happened to you this week?


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Nicole Breanne said...

I got married, does that count? Or is that cheating? I am definitely creeping your blog and as soon as I know how to add people I stalk to mine, I'll add you! I'm glad you enjoyed your summer. I really hope you're doing well, and think of you often! All my love your way! Nicole