Monday, August 22, 2011

I love my life..

Last week I had a mini(ok MAJOR melt down) I was not okay.

I hated my life. Nothing was going right. Work was stressful, I wasn't going to the gym enough, I wasn't eating properly and well... the boy I like left. Shoot. = crappy life for a single Mormon girl.

I knew that work was going to be stressful this summer, I CHOSE to eat unhealthy, and not go to the gym as much, and well I knew this boy would eventually leave for a while, but I still choose to hang out with him all summer. So why was I hating the world for the things that I had done to myself?

I wish I had some HUGE epiphany to share. But I don't. I sulked for a few days, I hid in my room under my covers(okay not under-it was super hot last week) I had a few cries with Carrie, and had a MAJOR pity party where I was the guest of honor. Then. I got sick and tired of being sad and grumpy. So I stopped. It's amazing the difference your attitude can make when you choose to change it :) <--- I know you're probably thinking "Wow, it took this chick 25 years to figure that out." Yep. and I'll probably forget it a time or two before I die and have to learn it all over again.

I'm a goals kind of girl. I need to constantly be working on something or else I feel like I have ZERO substance. I'm always bouncing from one project, or thing to the next. All throughout the summer I was working on creating all these fun ideas to do with said boy, I was wrapped up in a summer fling.In highschool I always had basketball... In college I always had home work. In the last 3 years I'd always had a pretty intense calling that kept me busy. This last year I've been working on rehabbing my knee. Then once all those distractions were gone I started hating life.

So. Every Monday morning I am going to make weekly goals for the upcoming week. <--- I'm also making rewards for myself...what fun is a chore/goal without a reward in the end...

This weeks goals:

-Prepare all of my meals for the upcoming week so I don't grab junk/fast food
-burn 1200cals/day @ the gym (2ish hours of lifting, spin, cardio)
-Put away all of my folded laundry
-Go to bed @ 10:30
-Wake up @ 6:30
-Meet someone new
-Go to institute
-Take 3 spin classes this week.
-Do something nice for someone.
-Learn to like my new calling-more on that later.
-Start p90x again.
-Play with my niece as much as possible

What are some of your goals for this week.


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