Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things I have learned this summer(thus far):

-Moving out was the BEST thing I could have ever done.(even tho I am still currently homeless after Aug 1) *the house gods hate Laura and I right now.

-My roommate Laura will always ALWAYS love me, and ALWAYS be on team Lachele, and subsequently so will BigJ ;)

-I’m not allowed to hate people because of something shady they did in my dream. Sorry BigJ

-I need to take more pictures so my blog stops sucking the big one.

-I’m going to meet Prince William and Kate on Thursday! Watch out we’re going to be BFF’s

-I love having a stay-cations, I will be having more this summer.

-Floating down the river with 15 of my friends is the BEST way to spend a Saturday afternoon..

-I’m not sure I can get a whole lot tanner, I’ve tried.

-Spoon Me is now in CANADA, and I’ve had in twice in the last two weeks(don’t even judge me)

-Trying to plan the BEST day never works, it’s the unplanned ones that turn out to be the best.

-I’ve got some pretty awesome friends.

-My parents rock.

-Stampede is just around the corner and apparently all morals go out the window. SCORE…*shakes head*

-Backstreet Boys and NKOB are going to be here in Tminus 1 week. I’ve seen both of them in the last year. But seeing them TOGETHER will make my 12 year old heart scream and cry so loud.

-I’m excited for the summer. *I’m not too sure why, because if the last 3 weeks will be any indication of a lot of the things to come I’m in for big trouble in little China.* Maybe even heart ache (cross your fingers that doesn’t happen)

-Life jacket tans are the worst. Good thing I’m fast like a rabbit and avoided a $500 ticket like 4x already.

-Motorcycles scare me. My friend was in an accident last week and had to have her right leg amputated. Please be careful.

- rafting down the river tomorrow is the only thing helping me get thru today(and tomorrow).

Here are some fun pictures….. I stole a couple from Lauras blog, and will have more to post when Carol posts hers from rafting. Enjoy the pictures because I don’t know when you’ll see more ;)



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