Friday, June 24, 2011

Zombie nightmare

last night after the gym I went home and started tearing my room apart. I'm going thru my closets over the next few days and I'm garbaging EVERYTHING. I'm not even kidding when I say I'm going to be building my life from the ground up.

I had to take a few things I was getting rid of over to Andrews house and when I got there he was watching a zombie movie-shaun of the dead. ha. So I've only ever seen 3 zombie movies in my life. 28 days later(last week with Andrew) and Dawn of the Dead like a bazillion years ago. and. this one. I don't know what it is about zombies that give me nightmares but they just do. No other scary movies really make me freak out as much.

Did I mention that Andrew lives in a bachelor suite above a shop in the industrial area? Ha. I made him walk me to my jeep the first time we watched a scary movie there(however, am proud to say that I walked myself to my jeep last night) So watching anything is a little scary at his house. Especially cause there is a meat packing plant super close*uhhh pretty sure that's how urban legends are started *shutter*

Anyways last night I had a nightmare that Saren, Trish and Andrew were zombies and they were trying to make everyone they loved turn into zombies too so that the real people wouldn't kill the zombies. So I was getting chased around the hospital that I work at by my 3 friends who are zombies. There was no where I could hide cause Andrew would control the lights(he's an electrician and so he knows how to do that) Trish works at the hospital with me and so she knows all the hiding places, and Saren was just running around so much trying to kill me so I would be a zombie like her. They wanted to start a zombie world. And wanted all their friends and families to just be zombies with them.

Ugh. I woke up and was slightly scared of Andrew, Saren and Trish. I never understood how Edward(yes this is a twilight reference) wouldn't change Bella into a Vampire like him until last night. Unfortunately my friends didn't love me enough to save me from the eternity of torment like he did. Now I get it.

I'm on Edwards side. I don't want to be a Vampire, a Zombie, or any other sort of creepy thing.

What kind of weird dreams have you had lately?



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