Thursday, June 23, 2011

fill in the blank

I got this off a super cute girls blog. Her name is Michelle. <--- our names sound similiar so maybe I am slightly bias to how awesome she is...but I don't think so!


1. The last movie I saw was___shaun of the dead.
I went over to Andrews last night and when I got there he was watching ANOTHER zombie movie. I've watched 3 in my life. 2 of which have been in the last two weeks..with him. I had another weird dream about zombies last night. My imagination runs wild!

2. I want to____ move SO bad.
This next week need to go by so fast so that I can just up and move. EEEKS. I'll be so much happier once I'm out of that house!

3. Surprises are____ lame.
I hate surprises. I'm the 25 year old who still shakes her presents under the tree because I want to know what they are. If you ever say you have a surprise for me I'll want to punch you(in a loving way) I just hate surprises

4. The best accessory is_____a good hair style
I seriously think I would be SO much less attractive if I didn't have nice hair.

5. My favorite warm drink is_____ vanilla steamer
Boring I know.

6. My favorite cold drink is_____diet coke <--- who doesn't love a good DC every once in a while(daily) and water

7. Currently loving______ life.and. the people in my life
I seriously have the best friends ever, and everything in my life is finally starting to come together. I am a happy little camper

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