Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ok... I can't keep a SECRET

... I am horrible at keeping secrets...<---- unless they're about other people. Then. I take them to the grave.

Cause. That's what I'd hope someone else would do for ME when I tell them secrets.

So, I know my last post was slightly cryptic but I thought I'd share the good news now since it's moving at a very FAST rate.

I'm ENGAGED......

*haha* I bet you all were super excited for a second.

Sorry. I am not engaged. However, I said the next time I MOVED I would move into the place my husband and I would live. And. So most would assume I'm engaged.

But. This is not the case. I am just REALLY unhappy where I am, and have been for sometime. It's due to quite a few different reasons. But honestly I'm just ready for a change of pace. I'm ready to move on and live with friends, people that I hang out with and have things in common with. I was planning on moving this time last year but then wrecked my knee and couldn't so most of my stuff is still packed from the last time I went to move out. I really don't have to do that much. Pack up my room, and my odds/ends and leave. I originally planned on moving out Aug 1st(hence the 6 week secret business) But, the stars have alligned and I will be house sitting for the next 6 weeks for a friend of mine who is going to Tanzinia for the summer. Then in the fall I've got a few different options. Move into a brand new house, or move in with a couple girls that are already established.

I feel like a HUGE weight has lifted off my shoulders. I'm alot more happy. And. I'm really excited for this change. I'm going to still be in my ward boundaries so I won't have to leave wards. I seriously love my bishop and everyone in my ward. I'd be sad if I had to leave them. But I don't *YAY*

I took an extra long weekend this weekend. Wednesday to Tuesday(almost a whole week) let's pray it's nice out so I can lay out on my NEW DECK after I've moved. YAY!!! I'm going to hopefully have all my totes, and boxes moved Thursday before Andrew gets off work then him and a couple other guys are going to come help me move my bed, and dressers. I'm so grateful for good friends(guys) who are willing to help me out. I seriously have the best friends a girl could ask for.

My fave quote(since I'm moving twice in the span of 6-8 weeks) I put out a status update on fb to see who would help me move, and told them they only had to help one of the two times(cause no one likes to be taken advantage of) but Andrew being the adorable sweet guy that he is said "I'd move you six time if you needed it"

Let's hope I don't need to move 6 times.

More to update on that later on.



P.S I've recently purged like 200 friends on fb. But if any of you blogging buddies wanna be friend with me. Feel free to add me. (I only say that cause secretly I like fb stalking people) and I need ideas on how to decorate my new house... EEEEEKS

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s.a Sadler said...

ok let me just say
i havent read the whole post yet, but i got to the im engaged part and just about fell off my chair... but then Tenley had a really big poop so i cant finish it til after her bath!