Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I hate games....

Okay. There are some games that I like.

like basketball games. football games. water games. some card games

but not:

Waiting games.


Relationship games.

I am currently doing both-and it's stressful.

Roomie 1 and I went to view a few more houses yesterday. We weren't super stoked for it because the day before's attempts were horrible. Less than motivating. Long story short. Our friend Chase rents from a lady(craziest lady ever. I wish I would have taken a pic with her) like 70+ years old(we will when we move in). She owns 10 properties and thought it was hilarious that we were trying to sweet talking her. Her favorite phrase was "worst case senario".....then proceeded to try to sell us on these other properties she had *ghetto ones super far away*.

This house was perfect. 4 bedrooms. 2 living rooms. 2 bathrooms. Huge yard. Fire pit. Games room. TONS of storage. Cute neighbourhood. And. Best. of .all...within our price range. We called Roomie 2(Vanessa) who still lives out east and I was trying my damnest not to pee my pants laughing while Alice was talking to Vanessa. We sent pictures to Roomie 3(Jenn). We promise to share them WHEN we get the house. We're still waiting to hear back from her. Some dumbies tried to buy the house right before we got there. **Everyone is invited to our party** Cause of course we're going to be having parties left right and centre

Alice told us she liked renting to Mormons. We don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, and we're not hardcore partiers. <--- Chase told us she loved Mormons. Yay us. But the next thing she asked us made me pee my pants laughing.

*please imagine an old lady(with a crude sense of humor/vocab) wearing pleated khaki pants that are floods,an old shirt with an eagle on it and a sun visor, with her old grey/white hair all over the place*

Alice: Are you guys healthy eaters?
Us: yah pretty much.
Alice: k good cause the last guys that lived here weren't...and they plugged my toilets.

HAHAHAHA. I died laughing.

We promised she could come to our first roomie dinner, and we'd bake her cookies all the time.

Yes. Yes. we did try to bribe her with food.

Let's see if it works...

Everyone wish us luck. PLEASE!!


Err.... relationship games. Are brutal.

Nuff said.

I hate the game, but feel like I have to be playing it right now. Also. Please pray it doesn't last long either. I might stab someone.




Heather said...

Ummm, excuse me! I thought you were actually going to share the relationship stresses. I want to know!

Remember when we were friends with Tiff and we went to her place for Breakfast at Tiffany's and then just sprawled on the floor and talked boys all night? Yep. That was back when I was dating Marcus but into Braden... complicated times! I know I'm boring now because I'm married and there's little-to-no drama (heavy on the "no", as in none at all) but it sounds like you have some. Share! Share!

Seriously though, can I hang out with you and Laura sometime please?? I kiiiiinda miss you. (Both.)

Lachele said...

hahaha. I remember breakfast at Tiffanys. When you first started talking about that I was wondering where you were going with that story, but I gotchya. That was fun. I can't tell you all my secrets. It leaves nothing to the imagination. Geez.

You can come hang out with Laura and I any time. We just found out we got our house. YAY! so excited.

P.S- I just moved out of my house. Erics pan disappeared. I don't know where it went. So I am going to buy him a new one and fill it with brownies to say I'm sorry for losing his real one. I hope that will make up for it, and if not just don't tell him it's the new one ;)

I wish there was no drama in my life ;) haha

Heather said...

Ha! I thought the pan might have disappeared, it's been a while. I love that you told me your whole plan... wouldn't want to surprise me with it. I'm excited to see house pics once Laura posts.

You should come hang out with us sometime. Our "group"--aka: Mark and Brett--is seriously lacking ... a lot. (I was going to say "girls" but it's lacking more than that! Ha, just kidding! We have a good time.)

And I'm pretty sure "I wish there was no drama in my life ;)" is code for "I wish I was married to whoever the games are with." Good one!

Lachele said... comment on the drama/marriage thing. You're trying to be sneaky. RUDE.

No I actually had it last week..then in the move I don't know where it went. Just don't tell him and I'll buy a new one and fill it with treats haha.

I haven't hung out with Brett and or Mark in such a long time. Give me a call and I'll totally come chill. I've been super busy lately but just text me.