Thursday, July 7, 2011

Royal Arrival.....

**ps** Everyone keeps telling me how tanned I am. Yet this picture makes me look white. WELP. That will give me more of a reason to have some fun in the SUN this weekend!


Please excuse the mess I call my hair and my face right now.

This what I look like when I get home at 2am, and have to get up at 6(but really roll out of bed @ 6:50 and have to leave my house 6:55-true story). Look at my cute little hat. It's in honor of the Duke and Dutchess who are in Calgary this very second. They'll be arriving at the Hospital later today. Let's hope I see them. *cross your fingers*

I borrowed this facinator from a girl I work with. She got it in London. I feel like I am legitimately going to be part of the Royal Arrival. I know it's not:

But I still think it's cute.

Tomorrow is the Stampede Parade. If you don't know what the Stampede is. Google it. It's the greatest outdoor show on EARTH! I have tomorrow off. Parading, tanning, floating down the river and tons of fun. Another good ol' long weekend in YYC.

My friend last night was making fun of me saying I NEVER work because I've had so much time off this month....pch!



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