Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stampede Breakfast TBCC Style

Love love love my department. We seriously have so much fun. Themed potlucks(did I ever blog about the mexican potluck...where we dressed up like greasy mexicans-not all are greasy) But. We. WERE.

During stampede there are all sorts of Stampede breakfast, lunches and dinners. You can legitimately eat for free for the next 10 days 3 meals a day. However. The hospital is a little *cheap* okay. Alot cheap. so they make us pay 2 bucks for breakfast. Since we're all cheapo's and the food isn't usually that good. So we made our own. This is what I just ate for breakfast-and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be full for the next two days. So delish.

I always talk about my magnet collection.
Anytime anyone goes anywhere I ask them to bring me back a magnet. I have a board on my bulletin board where I stick them. Please look how amazing it is. Who wants to send me a magnet from wherever you live? I'll send you one from Canada(boring I know, but it's all I got) . Please. Please. Please. I'm in desperate need of more. I'm barely winning the magnet collecting competition in our office(yes, we have a competition)

Well, I hope you're jealous of my magnet collection and the amazing breakfast I just had.




Heather said...

I'll bring you one home from Rio!

I was going to say something about a surprise but decided that I don't want to die just yet. I'm going in September so you have a while to wait.. and we'll see if I even remember to get you one.

It's the thought that counts?

Lachele said...

ooooo yes please.

I hate surprises... good thing you remembered.

the thought was amazing. and I can wait until sept for one from Rio

Elsie said...

you sure are awesome! :) And, so are stampede breakfasts!! YUMMY!