Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Imma Champ...

TrainerBoy calls me a rockstar. So I'm pretty much the gym version of Justin Beiber-except. I have nicer hair than he does. Judge if you will. Call me cocky if you must. But JBeibs has nothing on me in that dept.

Today I had my 3mos follow up with my Surgeon. He called me a Champ. So that means I'm pretty much Michael Jordan of the Surgical world. However, I got rated a 3/9 on the balance scale and he said I needed to work on that. BUT, in my defense I never had very good balance to begin with. So I think it's all relevant.

I'm not going to lie. I was a little nervous. Okay, that IS a lie. I was VERY nervous. I don't have full extension yet(so I kind of limp--no so much anymore). I'm doing a few things I probably shouldn't be doing yet AND I 'played' basketball Monday night. By played. I mean I shot around. It felt good, but I was definately feeling it a little bit. Nothing a little ice and Ibprofen didn't fix.

I'm so happy right now. There are so many reasons for my happiness.

What makes you happy?

The other night I got asked the top 3 things that make me happy.

1.Laughing so hard my tummy hurts/or I start to cry.
2.A really good hug, from a really good person*guy* ;)
3.Getting winked at. I get butterflies everytime I'm winked at.

I'm happy today because:

-I got to sleep in until 7:30 this morning
-It's not raining anymore
-I can squat 145lbs
-I had do 50 push ups on a bosu ball
-I can run(ish)
-I got to shoot around monday night.
-I've spent the last 7 consecutive days with 1(2) of the best guy(s) ever!
-I've had some of the most spiritual conversations with said boy(s).
-Chivlry is NOT dead...Thanks Andrew/Geordie
-The bonfire Sunday night at Catherine/Carrie's...watching some dude try to break wood over his knee like Geordie and not being able to do it...then laughing my head off with Carrie
-The Gospel is true.
-My scar is healing nicely...
-My tan is amazing.
-My hair is getting longer..
-I got a compliment about my eyes that just made my day
-The Canucks are in the NHL finals. Game 1 tonight. I will be watching it from the pub with all the guys.
-Things are just finally working out for me right now. *knock on wood* I really don't want to jinx things.
-Drinking Cream Soda slurpees with Andrew and Geordie
-Driving in Geordies old suburban. All 3 of us sitting in the front while singing old country songs until we laugh our heads off.
-Getting the funniest voicemail from Andrew while he gets pulled over.

What are the things that make you happy today? This Week?



Courtney B said...

When hubs and I were dating he's wink at me all the time. Love those butterflies! :)
Wish I had an amazing tan!!

Mich said...

things that make me happy today - find THIS blog by another amazing Calgarian blogger! YAY!!

Seriously... how is it that I have never come across your blog before?

Also... i need to read back and find out why you had surgery, sounds like you might have gone through something similar to me earlier this year. I JUST started running again last week after breaking my leg and having surgery in Feb.

Mich said...
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Anonymous said...

Getting winked at is the best feeling ever. It makes my heart race and I get instant butterflies...

Yay I'm glad you found my blog-welcome! I tore my ACL, MCL and medial men.playing football last summer. Surgery in feb... We're twins. I love it. We need to be friends...

tifsong said...

you're super cute.
i'm glad i found this blog.