Thursday, June 2, 2011



You're happy! Better yet - you're getting happier! That's why this month you feel so playful, frisky and prankish. Something in your life is rejuvenating your world. Obviously, love affairs, romance and fun flirtations will lift your spirits, but sports and playful times with children will also delight.

....I came into work this morning to find this little gem in my email.

I am happy. HAPPY!

Life is rejuvenating.

I've had so many tender moments lately. I've noticed that I've been smiling alot more lately. :)

You know what else makes me happy? See my blog follower count go up. And. Randoms(people I don't ACTUALLY know) commenting on my blog. Welcome. Thank you for commenting and please keep commenting. I will return the love so we won't be randoms for long.

Last night I stayed up a little(lot) past my bed time. About 5 hours past my bed time. Yes. Ladies and Gents. I was up til 3am. I wake up at 6. *did you do the math?* 3 hours. 3 hours of sleep is not NEARLY enough for this little lady. I may or may not have a diet coke already. I may or may not have a couple more before the end of the morning. I've stayed up way too late...for way too many days in a row lately. However. I wouldn't have it any other way.I don't stay up late talking to just anyone. He is by far one of my most favorite people to talk to. I just loke(like/love) him.

There's this girl. Who is hanging out with boy(from 3am convo's) roomate. So her and I have gotten to know each other a little bit over the last week(ish). I'm pretty sure I was suppose to meet her for a reason. I think we're going to become fantastic friends. And. If nothing else there will be another girl to come on our friday night adventures--stay tuned.

What made you smile/made you happy today?

*Today. Waking up to a text at 6 am after 3 hours of sleeping knowing Boy was already awake and hated it too. Also, knowing that staying up that late was worth it.

Ahhh.. I just am so so so so so so so happy-and I don't even know why!



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