Saturday, May 14, 2011


I was offended a few days ago.

I know. I know I choose to be offended. But I chose to be offended.

Just listen!

I was working out with TrainerBoy Tuesday night. We were(I was) doing a bunch of ab stuff. I was doing planks on the mats. I was having a hard time doing the side planks on the right side cause of my knee-so I switched to modified planks. This girl who use to be in my spin class came and sat down beside us, and offered to work out with me sometime. TrainerBoy and I thought it was super weird.

So I get to the change room. She follows me in and tells me we need to work out together, because she loves working out "with people who are out of shape,cause she's a motivator"

UHHH excuse me!?!?!


It took all my the strength in my tired little body not to reach across that bench and pummel her.


Okay, Not that I needed to explain myself to her, but I went into defense mode. I told her I just had knee surgery.

She went into some ramble about how she had jaw surgery, and lost 25lbs cause her mouth was wired shut *sidenote:: I wish it still kind of was. I smiled and walked out of the change room. I ran into the GM and was telling him about it and as she walked out-she handed me a piece of paper with her number on it.

GM took that piece of paper right out of my hand and threw it out.

He told me she's off her rocker. Why do all 'off their rocker' people at the gym flock to me? Remember Robin? Yah him. The one who told me that he needed shoulder surgery but his mom wouldn't let him have it because she was convinced that the Doctor would put a tracking chip in shoulder. Government conspiracy.

Thank goodness he hates my TrainerBoy(TB broke up a fight between him and another guy). Now he ignores me. Thank you TrainerBoy-now help me get rid of crazy who needs to keep her jaw wired shut again.

I'm not offended anymore. It's really funny. One of the other trainers was making fun of me. He said I am who I attract. So I'm clearly a space case.

I wonder how many other people at the gym just think I'm some out of shape girl and now recovering from a surgery.



{S} said...

Hahahhaha! You do seem to attract the crazies!

Lachele said...

Oh I know I do. It's retarded some of the people I attract.

Oh well...