Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hang Time.

Remember that show called hang time? It use to be on Saturday mornings! It was about a girl who played on a boys basketball team. Last night I had a dream that I was playing basketball on a boys basketball team.

..Oh I wish I was playing basketball..

I'm one step closer to playing football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and softball. I ran last night for the first time in 9 months. I've been counting down to this day for the last 12 weeks. Can you believe it's been 12 weeks already? Well 12 weeks on Friday. My goal was to be up and running by my 12 week mark. Success.

So far I've met all my goals. Back in the gym by 6 weeks. Running by 12 weeks. Maybe playing some sort of sport at 24 weeks. Atleast sport specific tasks. Cutting, pivoting, etc by 24 weeks.

It wasn't the best run ever. But it was the best first run I could have hoped for.
It was mostly a mental thing. I had anticipated a 5 minutes warm up. 4:59 I got scared out of my mind. "I'll run at 10 minutes." 10 minutes had passed. "Okay, 15 minutes." 15 minutes had come and gone. It wasn't until 35 minutes that I finally got up the courage to increase my speed to 5.5... I ran solid for 45 seconds. I was able to run between 30-45 seconds at a time with only 30 seconds rest. 20 minutes. So really only 10 minute run.

I know I said I wouldn't blog about my knee/successes but our other blog isn't up and running yet. Posts to come there. So check it out. This will probably be a repeat.



TheSinglesWard said...

Ya right! I'd hang time over you, around you, and through you!

Lachele said...

Ha- we will see about that now won't we!