Friday, May 20, 2011

GOT IT!!!!

Remember how a couple posts ago I was looking for volunteer opportunities?

Remember how a few weeks ago I posted about how I really wanted a dog, but can't have one right now due to my hectic schedule/living situation.

Well I've found the PERFECT thing for me.

Volunteering at the humane society as a DOG WALKER!

I just applied. I need to go thru all sorts of interviews, and get a criminal record check as well as a few other things. So if all goes well. I will become a dog walker.

I'm so so so so so so excited.

Everyone I work with are getting puppies right now, and I feel super left out. I want one so bad. But. I can't have one right now. Maybe in a few years.

Cross your fingers for me please!



s.a Sadler said...

you should have told me you wanted a dog. i would have given you oliver. no one would even know hes at your house

Lachele said...

No offense but oli was a spaz.. I'd have killed him.. But he did like me

Courtney B said...

That is SO perfect for you!! I had no idea it was so much work to become a dog walker though...criminal backround check?! Crazy!

Lachele said...

Oh I didn't know either until the very end of the application it says that you need one. I guess its to make sure no crazies are caring for the puppies!

It's true it does suit me sooo well :) wish me luck!

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh awesome! Volunteering is great! And with puppies...the best!!! I know how it is frustrating when you are waiting for the right timing to get one, but you will sooner or later! I pretty much made my husband let me get a chihuahua haha.

Ashley Sloan