Thursday, April 7, 2011

Train Wreck.

I think that by saying my morning was a train wreck is a complete understatement.


Well my alarm went off for 52 minutes this morning without me waking up. Subsquently I had 10 minutes to get ready. I was rushed. I had gotten home super late last night, and said I'd make my lunch in the morning. Well. That didn't happen. I grabbed 1c of oats and some frozen berries. That's my breakfast and lunch. 1/2c. for each meal. I refuse to eat at the hospital cafeteria. Gross. So I will just eat what I have in my desk. Random nuts, a granola bar.

This should be a good day.

Oh ya. Yesterday. My alarm went off for 42 minutes before I heard it.

The day before I heard it at 6 and hit snooze twice.

The day before [my first day back] I was awake at 5. Sick.

I can usually predict how my day will go based on how I wake up. If I get up when my alarm goes off, and have the time to do the 'normal' morning duties I can usually tell it's going to be a good day. If I'm rushed. It's usually a chaotic day.

Today. Total. Chaos.

But do I love it? You betcha. I'm happy to be back at work. I'm happy to have to set an alarm to wake up-whether I wake up to it or not. I'm happy that my knee hasn't given me [too] much of a hard time. I went from 0% activity to 110%.

I can't remember if I put new gym clothes in my gym bag before I left my house this morning. Oh boy.


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