Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Old Me vs. The New Me.

Right after highschool I got into a car accident. I used that as an excuse. I stopped going to the gym. I hated physio. I didn't do any of it. I started eating like crap, I got depressed. It was bad.

I used that excuse for a long time. My shoulder hurts, my hip hurts. EXCUSES

I stopped using it. Started hitting the gym. Started eating super clean.

Then. I tore everything in my knee.. FML.

I was bound and determined never to use an injury as an excuse ever again. I didn't. I took the mininum required time off after both times of wrecking it, and was in the gym as soon as I could. Knee brace and all. I modified my work outs to suit my knee.

I worked out right up until TWELVE hours before my surgery. And. I'm proud to say that I was back in the gym FIVE weeks post op and have gone 7 out of the last 8 days I've been back in the city.

This is where I catch a glimpse of the new Lachele. She's in there. She's motivated. She's determined to get past this, She's not using this as a road block.

The biggest compliment ever came last night from my trainer. He told me he was super impressed with my determination to get better. To become better. He said I'm more dilligent than his other clients who have two good knees. He said I've barely skipped a beat over the last 5 weeks. That felt good.

I'm proud of the fact that people have come up to me at the gym. Telling me that if I can come in with a knee brace, or 5 weeks post op that they have no reason not to come in. I love that I've motivated people to be a little better. It motivates me.

Welp. There you have it. Another personal post.
Now you're finally getting to know the in's and outs of me.

Let the flood gates open.


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Teri said...

good job getting back at the gym and keeping up your healthy eating!! It is never easy to be healthy and fit, if it were the whole world would be thin instead of obese. And especially hard right after surgery so go you!!
It takes a long time to let go of old insecurities from being chubby (former chubby girl ova here..) but each day and with each accomplishment we can put the chubby girl in her place, And really help other people who might feel stuck. We know what it's like to be there and to get to a new place, a healthier place.
And I would love to take your spin class if I lived in good ol Canada! Spin is a blast and you are young and cute everyone would want to come to it!! Do it! I absolutly love teaching at the gym it is super motivating adn fun to get to know so many new people.