Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank you Doctors.

So while I was off work I watched alot of talk shows.

I watched the Doctors. You know that one with the cute ER doc. Dr Trevor Starke? Yah. Him. I wish we had doctors like him at the hospital I work at.

Good heavens.

So. They were talking about ice packs. Something I was interested in at the time. With my knee I had a cycrocuff. It was ice, and water in this contraption that circulated water around my knee to keep the swelling down. After about two weeks it just got to be a hassle. So I was using the store bought ice packs mom and dad had at home. *My dad had knee surgery last june* so this was all deju vu' for my mom* Well, I went home and didn't have those anymore. I REFUSE to use frozen food to ice my body, and ice in bags just wasn't practical for me.

.So. The doctors on the show, showed me how to make my own homemade ice pack like the ones you buy in the stores.

Two words:

DISH-SOAP!-- yep. Take some dish soap and put it in a zip lock bag(any size) put it in the freezer for however long, and apply to your body. Dish soap doesn't freeze like ice into blocks. It just gets super cold, and the viscosity is thicker. Like slush. It conforms to whatever body part you put it on. I put it on my knee, tensored it and finished up with my chores.


Hope this was helpful to more than just me!

What are some of your home remedies?


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