Monday, April 11, 2011

A look into my workout.

So I've had to modify my workouts to accomidate my knee. The only thing I've had to modify is my cardio, and a few muscle group specific exercises.

My cardio consists of a HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training)
Usually on the treadmill, sometimes on my spin bike when I'm not in a class.
*see below for my modified cardio*

5 min warm up *3.0* Try adding some incline
2 minutes 4.5-4.0 -brisk walk
2 minutes 6.0-7.0 -jog/run
1 minute 9.0 -run
repeat 4 times
Cool down for 5 minutes.

Sometimes I do this twice. Once at the beginning of my workout and once at the end. Depending on what kind of mood I'm in.

I lift with my trainer 3x a week and do a tbw(total body workout)*however, on cardio days I always end up doing a little lifting.

TBW-is where you focus on the whole body in one session *CRAZY* we have to maximize our time, so it's a lot of supersets(back to back sets, with little to no break)
Upper body(3-4 exercises)
Lower body (3-4 exercises)

3 sets

lowest weight, highest reps(usually 15reps)
Heavier weights, mid reps(usually 10reps)
Heaviest weight, low reps(usually 5)

If TrainerBoy is feeling super fiesty he'll make me do it twice.

*sometimes I hate him* But mostly I love him

I like to use the machines for upper body, and a mix of machines/free weights for lower body. Right now I'm doing a lot of squats(with no weights) and *some* lunges. More on that next week


Over the last 8 months I haven't been able to run so I've been doing a high incline 15% walk @ a 3.0 pace for an hour, and I HIIT on the bike for an hour as well. I try to burn around 1000cals a session with cardio, plus all the extra I burn from lifting weights.

I also started spinning again last week. I'm spinning 2-3x a week for 60 minutes. I'm able to load up on the resistance with no pain. I'm just not able to get off my saddle(seat)



Madi A said...

I have a serious ankle problem that will NEVER go away, so pushing it is a VERY BAD IDEA, it just makes it worse. Cardio has always been a pain in the butt because I just don't know what to do, but your modified cardio is GREAT. I tried it last night and this morning and I have had a blast and I didn't feel like falling over because I can't even stand on it. You are an answer to my prayers, because I was just about to give up. Thank you so darn much!

Lachele said...

My advice: speaking from someone who's needed a 'modified' cardio program for the last 8 months. Don't let pain deter you from doing SOMETHING. I found spinning because I couldn't run. Walk on an incline, row. There are plenty of things you can do aside from running! Spinning is awesome

Hands. down. Best. decision. I've. EVER.Made!

Sometimes you need to work thru a little pain to get some gain. With that being said I also take an anti-inflammatory(ibprofen) that also helps with the pain, as well as swelling. Make sure you stretch well, and if you need to ice up after a cardio sesh.

If you wanna chat a little bit more feel free to email me @ I'd be happy to give you a few more 'pain' pointers.