Monday, April 11, 2011

A day in the life of Lachele!

I've gotten a couple comments(okay one), and had a couple convos with people asking for a better explaination of what a typical workout/meal plan looks like for me.

Here is a sample of my eating plan for a day.

*First off let me start my saying. I'm the type of person who can eat the same thing everyday for a week and not get sick of it. So that's what I do. I waste a lot less food this way* You need to see what works for you, everyone is different.

I eat 6 small meals a day.

When I wake up I drink a cup of water and usually snack on a handful of nuts while getting ready for work.

8:30-9am: 1 protein pancake(1/2c. ground oats, 1/2 egg whites, other random good things I have at the time, nutmeg/cinamon to taste) cooked just like a pancake and 1tbsp of natural peanut butter (295 cals)

10:30-11am: protein shake.(1/3c. orange juice, 1/3c. pinapple juice, 1/3c water, 1scoop of orange burst protein powder) On days where I'm lazy it's just water and protein powder. (165cals)

1-1:30pm: 1.5-2oz lean meat, 2.5c veggies. I usually make a salad because it's quick and easy. I'll add 2c. leafy greens with .5c of diced veggies(peppers, cucumber,zuccini,etc) and 1-2 tbsp newmans vinegrette. *sometimes I'll add sliced almonds and of some cranberries.(250-300cals)

3:30-4pm: protein shake-just like am. (165cals)

7ish:*depending on when I get home from the gym.* 1.5-2oz. lean meat, 2c. steamed veggies. I love green beans and carrots right now so I've been eating tons of those.

I usually try not to eat past 6:30-7ish just as a rule of thumb. If I could help it I wouldn't eat after 6 but I'm at the gym during dinner time so what can ya do?

Sometimes I'll throw in a protein bar instead of a shake, just to break things up a little bit! I'll also make wraps, or pitas. I'm trying to cut down on the pasta,bread business. *I use to eat way too much of it* so these are also good alternatives.

What are some clean things you love to eat?

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