Monday, April 11, 2011


Fabulous Fun Filled Weekend!

What an awesome weekend! That is the only phrase I can use to describe how I felt about the last 48 hours.

Friday night-Trev's party was a huge SUCCESS. Tons of food, dance party(however, the DJ only played techno-ish music because he thought alot of hiphop was inappropriate.) Oh little 19 year old DJ's just tryin' to impress. We still danced up a storm. I DANCED. It was so fun. It hurt. But I still did it. Jaylene made me.

Saturday- I did a little GTL. In that exact order too. I worked out for quite a long time *and I love telling people that in the last 14 days I've gone to the gym 12 times* Only I would be proud of something like that. ha. I went tanning. Tanning is great. Did a little laundry and then went to a double bday bash for Maya and Jeff. Two super funny people, who are insanely crazy.

Sunday- Fast Sunday is always a little intense in my ward. I have such a random crowd in my ward. They tell stories. Long stories, borderline inappropriate stories. The bishop usually has to get up at the end and save the meeting. This month. Not. so. much. It was awesome. I was asked to say the closing prayer. I said yes. Then remembered that if I sit for long periods of time it takes a while for me to be able to walk after standing up. I spent the whole meeting WORRIED about how dumb I would look if I stood up and had to stand there for a long time before walking. *for those of you just tuning in. I had knee surgery 6 weeks ago* HA. My whole blog is about my knee. Just kidding. Everyone knows. And I'm sure everyone is getting sick of hearing about it. Sorry.

I said I silent prayer. Told Mark to say one for me. He laughed at me. Told me I was worrying for nothing. I asked Heavenly Father to help my knee not to hurt JUST THIS ONCE when I stood up. I apologized for asking for such a trivial thing when there are more important things to be dealt with.

*Closing song was coming to an end. I stood up. Nothing. No pain. No stiffness. Nada.
I cried. Tears of Joy. I couldn't even pray. That is just what I needed. Yesterday. My joy is full.* Since this is my blog I wanted to record this personal experience to remember it in times when I feel alone. Sidenote. I stood up after sunday school and it was back to being painful. Same with relief society. I was taught yesterday that if something is important to me. It is important to him. No matter how trivial it may seem.

I had dinner at a member of the bishoprics house after church. They randomly have small groups of kids over for dinner and visiting. They strategically invite 3 girls and 3 boys in hope that we will fall in love over dinner conversation and get married. ha. I did meet a new boy last night. We'll see if we fall inlove. I'm not holding my breath, so maybe you shouldn't either.



Ashley said...

your adorable. I just found you from Ashley's blog... i want to visit canada someday!

Lachele said...

Ahhh come visit!
Stay with me!
I love it when people want to visit Canada!